Airport Security

Hello Today! As myself and everyone always says, “Check your airline to see the luggage requirements!” This so you can get through airport security as easily as possible, although I agree that it gets old with everyone reminding you to check it. It really is not that bad though. For example, I am flying on […]


Hello Out There! When traveling overseas, especially with a school, there are always things you are going to need. This will varied depending on your particular program, so be sure to check with your school before hand, but some things you will need regardless of your program. The first thing is your passport. You should […]

Plane Flights

Hello Everyone! As some of you might be aware, buying a plane ticket to go overseas can be quite a hassle to find the best deals, especially if your arrival time is a little bit flexible, although it frees up the ability to possibly find a cheaper flight, it can increase all the variables you […]