Fairs and Sweets

Hello Sweet-Lovers!

Today we had a “Freshers Fair” to go to, which is basically where all the clubs from the school get together and try to enlist you into their group. A young man from the “Labour Club” talked to Austin for almost 10 minutes as he tried to get her to sign up. Beth, the English girl from yesterday, came with us to the fair. We ended up all signing up for the “Circus Skills Club” and a few others.

After the fair, we all went into the city center to shop around. Beth had only just arrived the day before and therefore did not have any food and was lacking some basic necessities. We took her to the Westgate Shopping Center and went to Poundland, Primark, and Sainsburys. We also showed her around the Covered Market where there are lots of shops and cafes. She told us from basic things about British shops, such as that Superdrug is cheaper than Boots for medicine, and Tesco is usually a cheaper grocery store. She also showed us how to use the store called Argos.

In Argos there are computers with catalogues in front of them. You flip through the catalogues and then look up the items you want on the computer to see if it is in stock. If it is, and you want it, you write down the number and tell a store clerk who goes into the back to get it for you. I found this store fascinating since we have nothing like that at home.

After shopping we went home and unpacked and Beth came over to hang out that evening after dinner. (For dinner, Libby made Quesadillas, but I will tell you how to make them, etc. at the end of this post.) She told us how Mexican food had only just started to come over into England and asked us about different types and what they were (i.e. Tacos VS. Burritos VS. Quesadillas).

She also had bought us some different candy, or “sweets”, when we were at Poundland that she said we had to try. There was a candy bar called a “Crunchie” which was chocolate with a honeycomb center. It was amazing. It’s motto is something about how you will think it is Friday when you eat it, but for me, it was more that I fell in love. There was also a “KitKat Chunkie”, which is much better than regular KitKats, here anyways. (In England, KitKat is owned by Nestle, while in America it is owned by Hershey, because of this they taste very different. I like the American one better.) She also bought us “Maoam” which is a fruit taffy. Amy is obsessed with them and keeps eating them. She says she is going to buy some more soon.

Beth also showed us some viral videos here in England, such as “Jesus Christ! Fenton!”, which is a video about a man chasing his dog named Fenton, while the dog causes a stampede. The audio has been put over other movies involving a stampede, such as Lion King also. She also showed us “Cheese Rolling” which apparently is a tradition in parts of Great Britain. It consists of yu rolling cheese down a hill and run down after it. Lastly, she showed us the “One Pound Fish Song”, which I can-literally-not get out of my head. It is so funny. You should definitely watch it as soon as possible.

We showed her some British videos and talked about differences in British and American schooling, especially Sororities/Fraternities which they do not have here. Amy tried a few times to explain it, but Beth just seemed very confused.

I hope you all have a fantastic travel adventure, even if it is just to a grocery store!

PS: How to make quesadillas… All you need is tortillas and cheese, although Libby also used chicken, but you don’t have too. Turn the stove on to level 4ish and let it heat up the skillet a bit. Next put down the first tortilla, then the cheese (and chicken), and the second tortilla on top of it. Let it cook until golden-brown and the cheese melts, then flip over and repeat. Once both sides are cooked, it is down and you have a tasty quesadilla. We ate ours with tortilla chips and salsa.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” -Marcel Proust

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