Downton and Grilled Cheese

Hello Downtoners!

I am not sure if you have ever watched Downton Abbey, but I would highly suggest it. It is about an elegant family during World War I and on, and how they cope with issues of the time. The third season has just started in the United Kingdom (although it will not be out in the US until January), and so some of my friends and I have been getting super excited to get ready and watch it when it aired. The only issue was that we did not have a TV to watch it live.

Luckily, the teacher from High Point who came with our group has a television in her apartment and had offered that we could all watch it with her live every Sunday. So, Austin, Amy, Libby, and I all headed to her house, along with another girl from our group, to enjoy the magic of Downton Abbey four months before any Americans can see it.

I will not ruin the suspense and plot for anyone by putting spoilers here. Although, I would be happy to discuss Downton Abbey with anyone who feel up to discussing it. But besides watching Downton at nine that night, I also made dinner.

We had discussed and agreed that one night a week we would each make supper for everyone in our flat (which is still just the four of us), and Sunday is my day to cook! Because of this, each night that one of us cooks something for supper, I will post what was made and how to make it. That way if you need ideas for easy and cheap food to make, there will be a few ideas to work with!

I chose to do something simple and just made grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. It has been rather cold and blustery and that sounded tasty. All I had to buy was cheese, bread, butter, cans of tomato soup, and crackers. It was very simple to make.

You first set a skillet on the stove and have it set to about heat 4. Not too hot or the sandwich will burn without melting the cheese, but too cold and it will never cook! Cut your cheese into slices to put on the sandwiches (or if it comes pre-sliced you can skip that), and then place it between two slices of bread.

Next you will butter the outside of the bread. (I also butter it on the inside, but some think that is too much butter, so you can choose which you would prefer.) Then place the sandwich in the skillet and wait for the outside to turn golden-brown and the cheese to melt a bit. Be sure to keep checking it, because if the skillet is too hot it can burn quickly!

I would then put the soup in a pot to start cooking it, while the skillet is still heating up the first sandwich. Once the one side of the sandwich is as cooked as you would like it, flip it over and cook the other side. Once both side are cooked, and the soup is hot, you are done! But if you are making several sandwiches, I would suggest putting the oven on a low temperature and putting the sandwiches in there to keep them warm while you continue to cook.

I hope you have a lovely day and get around to watching some Downton in the near future.

“Experience, travel–these are as education in themselves.” -Euripides

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