Doctor Who


Some of you lovely readers may already be avid BBC fans, and so this will just be me preaching to the choir, but it is amazing. I am so glad that there is a BBC America to get all my favorite British shows on while still at home in the States, but I cannot even explain how exciting it is to watch a show in England along with all the other British viewers before the Americans. It makes me extremely happy, and I should probably be concerned that something this trivial brings me joy, but I’m not.

I currently watch Sherlock and Doctor Who on it. I used to be a Merlin fan also, but I only watch that occasionally when I’m bored now. (Not that it is bad, just not as whimsical as I would like.) I also tried watching Copper the other day, but so far that does not seem to my liking either.

To the main topic though, Doctor Who’s newest series premier! I watched the first episode at home on the 1st, when it premiered and would have posted about that then, but I did not think that really qualified as an adventure until I got to watch it in England.

(Spoilers coming up!)

I really liked episode one, the plot twist at the end completely took me by surprise, which is hard to do since I usually can guess a twist ending a mile away. Although I feel like I should have known about Miss Clara Oswin’s true identity as Steven Moffat was quoted earlier as saying the new companion could be a “he, she, or it”. It was fun watching this first episode of the series with my mother, who knows nearly nothing about the show. She kept making comments like, “That’s a different Doctor” and “What are those dare-a-leks, again?” Although I was impressed/confused that she did not ask anything about why Rory said he had been waiting outside a box for 2,000 years.

Episode two was not my favorite. It thought it was a bit strange that the Doctor brought some of his random friends along with him on an adventure, although with Amy and Rory constantly wanting to leave for a few months at a time, I can see why he might get a bit lonely and want other company. I liked the dinosaurs and I thought the bad guy in the episode was very good at his job. But I was a bit upset with how dark the 11th Doctor has gotten. He may seem all fun and games but clearly he has some issues he needs to work on. Although, I think his is the 11th Doctor’s last season so maybe him getting increasingly dark and depressed is how they will have him go.

The third episode was much better than the second. I liked the other alien race that was introduced and how he was not completely a bad guy or a good guy. I also loved the cyborg. He was a really interesting character and him staying at the end was probably my favorite part of this entire season so far, besides Clara baking. But again, the Doctor was very dark in this episode and it reminded me a bit of the show Torchwood, where everyone cannot always be saved. Except the Doctor is suppose to be able to save everyone, and I do not think I will like this season if Steven Moffat makes Doctor Who into a show more like Torchwood.

If you learn one thing from this post, remember if you are in America a new episode is every Saturday at 9 PM, but in England it is every Saturday at 7 PM.

Thanks for listening to my geeky ramble and I hope you can give it a try for yourself! Have safe travels!

“A tourist is a fellow who drives thousands of miles so he can be photographed in front of his car.” -Emile Ganest

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