Bath and Burritos


You might be wondering where Day 6 has gone to, but do not worry; I have not made one. This is because Day 6 was rather boring and not really anything to report about except for the exciting journey from the grocery store to our dorm with unbroken eggs, which proved to be quite a challenge and explaining to a pizza man how to find our dorm. I therefore have skipped it and will continue to do so with other unexciting days in the future. I hope you are alright with this as I know you do not want to read a post all about me examining which grapes look better.

As you might have gathered, Day 6 was a free day that we spent mostly at grocery stores and Poundland, of course. Day 7 however, we were back on a schedule and visited the city of Bath, which is named such because of the baths that the Roman created there over the natural hot springs.

We toured through one of the Roman baths and learned a lot about them from an informative voice that would talk to you during the self lead tour. Amy and I listened to the children’s version however as it was more interesting and shorter than the adults. There really is not much to say about the Roman baths as they are what their name says, large bathtubs that people socialized in. So the museum was mostly just large tubs of water and relics found from the original building, such as the stone carving of a Gorgon’s face. (Medusa was a famous Gorgon, if you were wondering.)

We also saw the large cathedral in Bath, which was very beautiful. It’s ceiling were especially elaborate with seashell like designs on it. They do though ask for a monetary donation before entering the building.

We then walked around the city and saw some Georgian era baths. They were mostly large apartment buildings that were made with a similar material as the Roman baths. One specific Georgian era building was called the Royal Crescent and had a large field in the front where they used to keep sheep so that the tenants there could look outside and pretend to be living in the country instead of the city.

We then headed home and decided to make burritos for dinner together. Austin, who was mostly in charge of the meal, worked on the rice and what everyone else was doing, Libby diced the avocado and tomatoes, I heated up the beans and chicken (which I then had to cut up), and Amy set the table along with singing for us. It was really fun working together and then enjoying our delicious food together. Side-note: We currently do not have a fifth roommate (in room D), but we pretend to and call them “Roommate D” who we blame everything on. We were sad to see that they could not attend dinner, but I am sure they were busy with some important work.

Afterwards we watched some Doctor Who and then went to sleep. It was a very productive day.

“Too often… I would hear men boast of the miles covered that day, rarely of what they had seen.” -Louis L’Amour

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