Enrollment and Oxford

Hello Oxford!

I got up pretty early and worked on a few things, like unpacking and making a list of things I would need from the grocery store. And since we had not been to one yet, I ate cheap vanilla cookies that I had brought on the plane. They were rather tasty, but a children’s pack of cookies did not do much to fill me up. I also filled up a water bottle I had saved from lunch yesterday with water and chugged it about three times. After riding an airplane you are suppose to drink lots of water, and I had not been doing that at all. I then tried to take a shower in the coffin sized box that was the “shower”. The head-nozzle barely was tall enough for me and I still had to bend down a bit to wash my hair.

I also then took the sheet off of our front door which we had placed there the night before. Our hall lights never seem to turn off, so our glass doorway is like a television with bright lights and everyone outside can see what we are doing.

Our group headed off to some of the classroom areas to then enroll as students there. All we had to do was show them the school’s offer letter and our passport and they printed us off a student card and gave us a password for the internet as we could access it. Then we ate lunch and had a quick tour of campus before heading back to the city of Oxford to look around.

We went to see the Bodliean Library, one of the oldest libraries in Europe where Oxford University Graduate students study, and looked at All Souls College, a Graduate School under Oxford University, and Christ’s Church, a college under Oxford University where parts of Harry Potter were filmed. We did not go inside any of them but even from the outside they were very beautiful.They had ivy and ancient architecture. It was almost breathtaking. The entire experience was amazing, but especially so for this one gate we went through while at Christ’s Church. It was painted black and was most likely made so bikes could not go through it but was rather interestingly built. One at a time, someone had to close the gate, get into a small crevice, and then open the gate to leave. The next person would have to do the same thing to get through. It was delightfully strange. We made plans to try and visit both of the colleges properly on Sunday during the “Oxford open Doors” event taking place that weekend.

We also went to look at phone stores and give time to those who needed pay as you go phones time to get one. Libby, Amy, and I had brought ours (although mine is likely to die soon of old age) but we walked around looking with Austin. It was rather uneventful, except that I ran by an electronics store and bought an ethernet cable that was 10 meters long (it was the shortest they had) since the dorms only use dial-up.

We then headed to a grocery store near campus and began a scope out of the store to try and buy all our necessities. Austin and I took our time looking through the shelves and seeing what was there as well as buying things, while almost everyone else in the group grabbed a bunch of stuff and got in line. Eventually Austin and I realized that we would be traveling as a group back to the flats so we hurried up and checked out. But not before mulling over buying some white cheese that had cranberries in it (I think it was Worcestershire), looking madly for British scones, and telling Libby that “Squash” Orange juice is the same as regular (which was false we later found out).

We then got ourselves ready to travel to London tomorrow.

“You got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.” -Yogi Berra

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