Customs and Dorms

Hello London!

We stepped off the plane and into the airport terminal which was packed full of people. We then had to take an elevator downstairs, then a train to another terminal area (where we almost lost Austin), then take escalators upstairs, and finally arrive at Customs. We got in line with practically the entire population of England and waited for our turn to be helped.

The woman who assisted me seemed very bored, but not quite bored enough to let me go quickly. She asked me all about getting a job while overseas, which I am not going to do as I do not have a working visa. She literally asked me if I was going to work while in England about six times, as if asking the same question over and over again would make me finally explain that I was going to work and was trying to trick her. Eventually she let me go and our herd headed off in search of the bus that we had to take to get to Oxford.

The bus was really nice and had WiFi, which was amazing to me since I still did not have my phone set up and had to use my iPod to email my parents and tell me I made it safely. (My laptop was dead.) When we got to the school, two of our teachers for the semester were waiting for us at the bus stop and drove us down to our new dorm room. We all were put in the same flat, but each flat has five single bedrooms so we each got our own room. All of our rooms were small except for Amy who got a gigantic one that we suspect used to be a family room. We luckily, got the ground-level room because we signed up to be together first, and we got a largest kitchen of all the flats. We had some time to unpack before we, and everyone else in our group, had to head to lunch and get some information about the program.

We ate some sandwiches that the school provided and one of them was a delicious Brie and Cranberry sandwich. I wish I had another one right now, to be honest. They just told us some basic information about what we would be doing for the next few days and then sent us back t our rooms with the mission to continue to not fall asleep until 7 PM (19:00) at the earliest. Because of this, we walked around and helped each other unpack to try and keep moving and stay awake, since if you sat to long it felt like the perfect place to take a nap.

Finally, our adviser came around and we all headed into Oxford to look at some buildings and get dinner. We saw a few colleges from the outside and walked to a small, but old, pub called the “Turf Tavern” which was hidden behind an alleyway. It was really tasty and quaint. And just in case you do not know, when at a pub you pick seats and save them, then go to the bar and tell them your order, whether it food or drink or both. We did end up getting a pitcher of Pimm’s and shared it amongst ourselves, but soon left after eating as we wanted to get back home and sleep. We headed to the bus stop and waited for the next bus to come, meanwhile a drunk man walked over and began mumbling about random things and then asked Libby if he could have her phone. Without an answer, he and his two feral dogs walked away, which we were very glad for, although I thought it was a bit funny. The last time I had been in London a drunk had approached my tour group with his stray dog and began shouting it’s name, which apparently was “Pelico”. It’s nice to see that I still draw random drunks and their dogs.

After getting home from the bus, it was time to lay down our sleepy heads and get ready for an exciting new day.

“Take only memories, leave only footprints.” -Chief Seattle

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