Airport Security

Hello Today!

As myself and everyone always says, “Check your airline to see the luggage requirements!” This so you can get through airport security as easily as possible, although I agree that it gets old with everyone reminding you to check it.

It really is not that bad though. For example, I am flying on British Airways. I found their luggage requirements pretty easily, although I went the short route and just typed “British Airways luggage” into Google instead of looking through their site. You can find their luggage requirements here.

I am not sure how user friendly other airline sites are, but this one is pretty simple to navigate. It has a list of topics that you just click to see the information needed. After clicking around some, I found that I can take one checked bag up to 51 lb., a carry-on bag, and a laptop case/handbag (all with specific dimensions which I will not repeat here). This is pretty standard for most overseas flights although some airlines do have different weight or size requirements.

Besides your luggage itself, there are certain things that cannot be brought in our luggage either. Every airline/airport has certain things that are banned and they tend to overlap quite a bit. For example, one cannot take sharp objects, strike-anywhere matches, flammable materials, etc. onto their flight. While somethings can be taken but you have to first notify British Airlines and get approval. Things like Lithium batteries, life jackets, wheelchairs, and dry ice are all under those restrictions. You can also take things like alcohol, but you may only have up to a specific quantity with you. These are things that would usually go into your checked baggage though.

Liquids always seem to be something that people particularly worry about, but the rules are rather simple in the USA. You cannot have over 3.5 ounces of liquid, it must be in its own clear, plastic bag, and it must be taken out of your bag to be x-rayed. The rules seem to be the same when leaving the United Kingdom and other European Union countries as well.

And lastly, thinking about what you will be wearing before you go. It is usually a good idea to wear pants and bring a jacket as the airplane can get chilly, but just remember any coats or jackets you will have to remove when you go through security. Likewise, you have to remove your shoes and any metal items you might have. So, be sure to bring shoes you can slip on and off easily but will also be comfortable to walk around in.

Overall, there is nothing to worry about. The security people are usually friendly or at least mannerly and believe me, they really do not want to be searching your bags anymore than you want them to. The only thing I have noticed is that when at bigger, international airports it is more likely to be selected for a random search of your carry-ons, even after you have gone through security. It is really fast and painless, and nothing to worry about. Although if you are like me, I always get nervous when I have to go through security. I just have this feeling that they are somehow going to find something that I should not have even though I know I do not have anything bad.

I hope that this article made you more confident about facing airport security. Now all you have to worry about is customs! Have a safe travel!

“It is the compelling zest of high adventure and of victory, and in creative action, that man finds his supreme joys.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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