Classes and America

[This is an exact excerpt from my other blog, “The Life and Times of Odd Girl”. If you liked this post check out the rest of the site here.] As I am currently a study abroad student, I do have to go to classes every now and again. Not to say that I love having […]

Stir and Fry

Hello Readers! Since the last yesterday, not much as happened. We visited a few stores to pick up groceries and ended up singing a few country songs throughout the day, but overall it was rather uneventful. As, you might remember, Monday is Austin’s day to cook for our flat, and she chose to make Stirfry […]

Cake and Recap

Hello Mates! Yesterday, we all went to Wheatley, one of the other campuses, to see where Austin and Libby would have classes during the week. Amy has one on Harcourt Hill, the opposite direction campus, but our liaison had already taken us over there the week before to look around. I would have made this […]