Hello Readers!

When overseas it can be quite an adventure and your family and friends from home are not always available to hear your stories right after they happened. So, I would suggest taking a small journal to write in while away. You can also create a blog to write in where your family and friends can get updates, or both.

This will not only allow you to go back later after it is all done and remember how exciting it all was, but allows you to force those closest to you to listen to your entries for hours after you return home along with picture montages. (I know that I personally love that part.) Along with that, it will also help you feel like someone is listening when it starts to get lonely and you inevitably feel homesick.

And contrary to popular belief, you do not have to write in it everyday. The last trip I took overseas I wrote in it about once every few days with silly stories I had experienced or slang I had picked up from the locals. That made it just as fun to go back and read. (Although I have also made one where I just listed out everything I did each day and added information about interesting stuff. It was less interesting to write, but still interesting to go back and read about what time I woke up every morning and what I ate.)

Please consider getting a journal or blog to update the world on your activities. You will be glad you did once it is all over, but even if you don’t you can always just reread your Facebook status updates.
I hope you have a terrific time traveling about the world!

“The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.” -Rudyard Kipling

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