Plane Flights

Hello Everyone!

As some of you might be aware, buying a plane ticket to go overseas can be quite a hassle to find the best deals, especially if your arrival time is a little bit flexible, although it frees up the ability to possibly find a cheaper flight, it can increase all the variables you have to look at.

I would suggest that once you decided what day (or few days) that you are going to arrive and depart that you look up prices immediately on sites such as Expedia and Kayak. They can search several arilines at once and help you find the best flight. (Kayak actually searches several websites as well. It as if you did multiple searches at once.)

You then have the choice of layovers or traveling straight through. I would try and get a straight flight as even though they can be more expensive, waiting a few hours while you are tired and weary will feel like the worst day of your life. And this can also cause delays in the flight, or if your first flight is running behind it can cause you to have to literally run to your next one. If you do have to buy a layover flight, I would suggest a two or three gap if possible. That will give you some downtime to try and relax and if your first flight is behind you will not have to rush as much. It also would not be unbearably long like a 21 hour layover in Greenland that my friend and I almost had to go on.

After you find the flight you think is your best option, I would then look at the airline and go to the airline’s website (such as RhineAir, etc.). The airlines tend to have better deals or places to save than sites such as Expedia, and even if it still cost the same, you do not then have to go through a middleman who will be handling your tickets. You will be able to receive them as soon as possible yourself.

And remember to check the airlines baggage restrictions. Some airlines will allow larger suitcases than others, or cheaper prices for bringing a second one.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a terrific trip!

“Adventure is not outside man, it is within.” -George Eliot

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