Hello Readers! When overseas it can be quite an adventure and your family and friends from home are not always available to hear your stories right after they happened. So, I would suggest taking a small journal to write in while away. You can also create a blog to write in where your family and […]

Packing For Half a Year

Hello! There are several websites out there that will give you packing suggestions for going overseas. I found these particularly helpful: here and there. This post is going to be a combination of these two articles, along with other tips and suggestions I have picked up over the last few trips. First off, be sure that […]

Jet Lag

Hello There! A lot of experienced travelers will warn you about jet lag and how you can end up sleeping the day away, literally, if you are not careful. WebMD has come out with an article about how to avoid Jet Lag that is very informative. You can view it here. I remember one time […]